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About ECO SOLAR 77

A new way of managing WEEE “Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment” Not simply recycling scrap, but trying to upcycle products giving them a new chance and a new life

UPCYCLING every day… How?

The amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment (widely known as WEEE or e-waste) generated every year in the EU is increasing rapidly. It is now one of the fastest growing waste streams.
EU rules on WEEE aim to contribute to sustainable production and consumption. They address environmental and other issues caused by the growing number of discarded electronics in the EU.
Waste from electrical and electronic equipment includes a large range of devices such as computers, fridges and mobile phones at the end of their life.
This type of waste contains a complex mixture of materials, some of which are hazardous. These can cause major environmental and health problems if the discarded devices are not managed properly.
In addition, modern electronics contain rare and expensive resources, which can be recycled and re-used if the waste is effectively managed.
Improving the collection, treatment and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) at the end of their life can:

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improve sustainable production and consumption

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increase resource efficiency

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contribute to the circular economy

mission of ECO SOLAR 77

Many components that can be refurbished, will be moved to markets where they can have a second life, with lower performances but still useful.

Only part of the products that ECO SOLAR 77 will collect on the European WEEE market will be treated as final waste and recycled in form of second level raw materials, following the European law and regulations. ( Directive 2012/19/EU )

Our main focus is concentrated on:

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solar panels, inverters and batteries, except connected hazardous waste

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Mobile phones and electronic office devices

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Domestic electronic waste, except hazardous items

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Industrial electronic waste, except hazardous items

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We can collect and handle the waste at four locations in Europe